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Cycling prints
Cycling prints

We are Vicious Circles

We create exclusively designed cycling prints, wallpaper and wall vinyl for the design-savvy cyclist and their family. We know your pain, we understand your pain, celebrate it, it’s good (kinda!). Our long-play is to introduce our other favourite pastimes so that we create gifts for cycling, climbing & running enthusiasts. Bear with…

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  • Climbs Tribute
    Climbs Tribute

    As part of our love and admiration of The Tour, we've created 3 prints commemorating 3 famous killer climbs.

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  • Children's wallpaper and wall vinyls
    Children's wallpaper and wall vinyls

    Want a bit more coverage? Our funky wallpaper, available in a selection of colour-ways, will add a touch of fun to a kid's bedroom.

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  • They say Pantone, we say PAINtone!
    They say Pantone, we say PAINtone!

    This is PAINTONE. It's all about the pain!

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